Hello, ladies, this is going to be your go-to post for taking care of your Full Lace Wigs. For any human hair, texture makes sure you treat it as your real hair. These three textures require more attention the curly, deep wave and blonde because of the textures can very dry if you don't keep it moisturized with water and try to What works best is a light oil and water lots of water! For the girls that love a sexy sleek straight look or that bombshell blonde to keep it looking cute, you want to use the least amount of heat possible. The heat will dry it out and make it lose its softness and natural luster. Also, try to stay away from using a lot of products in your hair it will make it shed or even worse tangle. Let's be honest who wants a knotty wig? I know I don't if you follow these easy steps you'll get the most out of your wig and It will give your wig longevity.

Diamond Key Points

Co-Wash (Conditioner Washing): When you receive your wig you're going to want to Co-Wash it. This will make the hair softer as well as cleaning it before you install it, and it will last longer. During the Co-Wash process. You want to use warm water either fill your sink or use a bowl mix the conditioner with the water. Dip the hair a few times and make sure you're using one motion to distribute the product through the cuticles. The best conditioner is Dove Nutritive Solutions Conditioner Daily Moisture it's also very affordable and you get a lot of product for your money.

No Product: When you use a lot of products it makes the hair dull lose its body and it will shed and tangle. So stay away from it. The best things for your wigs especially it curly and deep wave is to use water. You can also mix some oil preferably Moroccan and just a small amount a spray bottle will distribute it the best to nourish the hair.

Heat Protection: While styling your hair you want to use a heat protectant that isn't oily. It will protect the cuticles so it won't damage the hair. Also, it will give it a nice healthy shine. No one wants heat damage!


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